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Corporate Social Responsibility


     To maintain the sustainment means the ability to live with all related sectors without any problem and we may mutually take the support or give assistance in some time and in order to achieve such objectives, UMC Metal Co., Ltd. needs to have the sustainment in keeping joint interest with various groups whereby the crucial operations are covered and expressed.  In case there may be any other action beyond whatever provided, the Company shall apply all 7 operational principles to control the operation

The Company's responsibility in various aspects are follows :

Responsibilities to Community

     The Company has obligation of bonded contract to take part in responsibility to the community we are continuing business in and act as the leader who is responsible for the culture, resources and environment in the community.  The Company shall regularly participate and support activities in various communities as well as to support the principles which are the important base of the human rights and ethic of those communities.

Responsibilities to Employees

     The Company is obligated in creation of the safe working environment and consistently treats with employees with justice and equity.

Responsibilities to Suppliers and Venders

     In business running, the Computer shall justifiably treat its suppliers and venders in compliance with law and other orders and any regulation with legal virtue.  The Company shall not use service of the venders of trade counterparts who continue anything contrary against laws, orders and regulation including to law on safety, environmental condition and employment conditions and shall not join in business with the organization that employs the forced labour or contrary against the international human right.  UMC shall take care to inspect whether those vendors comply with these standards or not.

Responsibilities to Customers

      The Company is obligated and commitment to run business justifiably and honestly to customers whereby it will continue lawfully and always keep the standard and quality of its hoods and to distribute in reasonable price.

Responsibilities to Shareholders and Creditors

     The Company is obligated in running business for the benefits of Shareholders and Creditors with working hard to achieve the financial aims and to spend the Company's properties or assets with responsibility, the Company shall estimate and report the financial enterprise result with the correct information. The financial and accounting documents shall be processed according to the accounting standard principle generally acceptable in public and ready for inspection or examination for correctness of data.


Responsibilities to Government , NGOs and Mass communication

      The Company shall promote all of its personnel to be the good citizen who are responsible for the country with observance with the country's laws and community's rules , shall support the democratic regime under the constitution  whereby it  shall be neutral in the political conflict, it shall not choose any faction  and it shall open opportunity for theist employees to use their political right  to full scale within the constitutional framework. The Company shall not support  the performance about corruption , including to bribery  in all cases and shall cooperate fully  with the government , NGOs and mass media  in giving  the correct and beneficial information to society  and shall support the Company's stakeholders  in all parts  to continue any action by the law or any other regulation legally effective too  as well as it shall look after  the preservation of environment , culture, ritual and tradition or the communities to continue existence and jointly to create sustainment.

Receiving Complaints for conflict of code of conduct

     The Company determines it is the responsibilities of executives and employees to acknowledge and comply seriously with their responsibilities set forth in the Company's business ethics ( code of conduct ), and if you have any question or want to notify any concern about the code of conduct or find any action that is illegal or  may  result in  non-compliance with  this code of conduct , I request you to  select at least one way of the following option that make you feel comfortable and happy as follow:


  • The superior of your direct superior
  • The department chief or the head of your business unit
  • The Company's director or high level executive
  • The staff or authority who supervises on safety , health, environment and quality (SHEQ)


     Whoever has good intention in notification of problematic issue or to report various abuse or violations about the practices shall be protected from duress, threat or any malice, and will not be punished in any disciplinary action at all. Any employee who blocks or impede the notification of such violation shall disciplinarily punished to the level dismissal is possible.


CSR joining benefits


1         Benefits the company joining CSR receiving are :

  • Sustainable development on efficiency and effectiveness<
  • Company is praised from stakeholder
  • Company is promoted operational standard from partners, customers and creditors
  • Company has a potential to expanding its business in the future
  • Less complains from communities

2         Long term benefits the company joining CSR receiving are :

  • Company can process sustainable, without communities against
  • Company can be investing continuously
  • Company reputation is raised among its communities, country or international

3         Benefits the employees receiving are :

  • Employees are happier both physical health and mental
  • Employees are developed on their skills and mental for their ascent sustainable
  • Employees are proud of CSR participation in community programs
  • Employees are more interactive among employees, company and company; to better social

4         Benefits the communities receiving are:

  • Decreasing living problems and environmental issues
  • Participating company to run activities for social benefits and their environment
  • Receiving assistance for sustainably developing their better communities
  • Communities have a role to manage and set aspect to take care themselves better from company support

5         Long term benefits the communities receiving are :

  • Living and environment improvement
  • Communities can participate to better control their environment by company activities

Communities come to peace, has an effect on social and country peaceful


Environmental Conservation


Company announces an environmental policy on its operation for decreasing pollution, conform to laws and increasing efficiency of resource whereby our company has many practices as follows :

Controlling in every process


  • Inflowing output gas from melting process to filtering before release to atmosphere
  • Factory has a water recycling system that does not release wastewater out
  • Rainwater and nature source water managing, before releasing to outside
  • Waste managing by government permission and sent to eliminate conforming to laws
  • negotiating for import EAF improvement technology to increase energy efficiency, productivity and decrease pollution


Factory environmental monitoring and improvement


  • Air pollution monitoring from our stakes 2 times annual
  • Water quality every month
  • Chemical contamination in soil every year
  • Sort our common waste in to garbage, recyclable waste and dangerous waste         
  • Plant trees to our green zone, 20% of factory area


Community environmental monitoring

  • Air pollution monitoring continuously 2 times annual
  • Noise pollution monitoring on 4 directions of factory wall 2 times annual


Announce environmental committee and meeting stakeholder for improving and following up progress

Cooperate to form tripartite committee, be composed of company, communities and representative, and meeting to present company progress and improve environmental issues to sustainable development 


Safety and Health


     Company announces a safety and health policy on its operation for decreasing dangerous and illness which conforms to laws; in process improvement, UMC will consider safety of operators first whereby we have many practices as follows :

Operation environmental monitoring


  • Air pollution monitoring in our factory routinely from furnaces, factory walls and laboratory
  • Sound level monitoring in operation area every 4 months
  • Temperature monitoring in operation area every 4 months
  • brightness monitoring in factory annually


Providing Personal Protective Equipment and training personnel every level all UMC employee, contractor for operating and visitor

Employee health checkup annual program

Announce safety and health committee and meeting stakeholder for decreasing incidents and accidents

Investigating incident and accident for prevent reoccur and report in meeting every month

Maneuvering for emergency respond annually

Training employee and post for prophylactic regularly


Sustainable Consumption


     UMC Metals Co., Ltd. has a role which induces steel scrap feeding to melting process which be controlled pollution according to ISO 14001 environmental program, then produce our product to customer. And used steel will be returned to recycle process by scrap supplier; so steel is recyclable material.

     Furthermore, UMC is considering importing EcoArc technology which is a new scrap feeding technique, which never opens the furnace cover, and reduces energy consumption more than 30% and reduces air pollution. In this project, the stack is modified to eliminate Carbon Monoxide effectively. EcoArc is the true environmental friendly technology.

Benefits of EcoArc technology

1.       Reduces heat loss, less energy consume

2.       Reduces batch time, more productivity, and more yield

3.       Reduces dust leaking and eliminate Carbon Monoxide from process

4.       Less technical problems of pre-heating scrap


Raw material, energy and water consumption efficiency

     UMC Metals Co., Ltd. realizes depletion of natural resource and runs many issues for efficient resource consuming as follows :

  • Used refractory will be crashed and reuse
  • Sort input scrap properly for reducing energy consumption from many charging in furnace
  • Heating by using natural gas which is more efficient than electric in the first stage of melting
  • Using heat exchange of input-output air technology for rolling mill furnace to reduce energy consumption
  • Increase hot-charge ratio, using hot billet from melting process directly, to reduce energy consumption
  • Set water line in the process for efficient water recycling


Elimination of package, waste and product

     UMC will eliminate non conforming product and send it to re-melt according to TIS standard for protecting our customer from receiving lower specification product.

     For customer, Scrap or used bar can be sold to your local scrap suppliers.



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