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We offer special billet by order
chemical specified by your order
billet size are 100, 120, 130 and 150 mm
length 4-12 m (typical 6 and 12 m)

Deformed Bar

According to TIS 24-2559 (2016)
Equivalent to ASTM A615 / A615M-96b, BS4449:1997, JIS G3112 (1987), AS 1303-1991, AS-NZS 4671:2001.

Grade SD30, SD40, SD50
Size 12, 16, 20, 25, 28 and 32 mm
Length 10-12 m
Bar piece and Bundle are available.


Round Bar

According to TIS 20-2559 (2016)
Equivalent to JIS G3112 (1987), AS 1302-1991, AS-NZS 4671:2001.

Grade SR24
Size 12 and 15 mm
Length 10-12 m
Bar piece and Bundle are available.

User  Manual


-  Should be limit the speed of driving

-  If some part of bar excess out of truck body, light bulb must be hung on

Moving and Storing

-  Avoid lay in drizzle and sea - breeze

-  Ground must be able to support weight and vibrate.  Bolster is recommende to be held to support

-  Layout should be in ordered and protect to collapse.

-  Crane must be safety verified.  Lifting balanced, by head and end of bundle, and weight must not over crane capacity.

-  While bar is transferred, nobody should be near transfering area.

-  The stack area should be caution sing or has colour line for preventing accident such  as occuring to childen

How to use

-  In cutting , polishing and welding, operator must equip PPE

-  Must not use product over its capacity, identified in standard


-  Should not cut steel bar inside concrete because it will shake off and pierce iperator*

This manual is generalinstruction.  User must be careful for preventing incident of accident.

Buyer Guide for Steel Bar (Thai)

Buyer Guide for Steel Bar

TISI accredited vendor

If you have any question in reinforcement bar, contact

Standards Bureau 1 of Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) 

TISI Call Center +6627939300  or  http://www.tisi.go.th/


UMC  Metals  is the one of the  few  steel  mini  mills  in  Thailand  with  the ability  to  use  scrap  as  a  raw  material  and recycle  them  into  finished  products.

Steel  scrap  is  first  melted  and  then  continuous  casted  into  steel  billets. The billets are  in  turn  fed  into  the  rolling  mill  to  produce the finished products.

With our inspection system,  We  are  able  to  have  complete  quality  control  over  its  billets  supply.  With  this  capability,  UMC  customers  can  be  better  assured  that  UMC  products  will  meet  their  requirements.


                                       scrap inspection

The  melt shop  utilizes  the  latest  technology  to  ensure  the  highest  productivity  and  environmental  friendliness.

Danieli  is  our  primary  equipment  supplier  of  the  melt shop. 
With their  highly  acclaimed  DANARC  technology,  a  higher  level  of  productivity  and  energy  efficiency can be achieved.

                                            EAF process

                                         EAF tapping

                                        refining at LHF

                                       casting by CCM

                                           Billet store

                               universal testing machine

                           optical emission spectrometer

UMC is committed to producing top quality bars that meet the highest Thai and intemational standards.

download file  Products in Thai    

download file Deformed Bar TIS Standard  and TIS 24 - 2559

download file  Round Bar TIS Standard and TIS 24 - 2559